Are Chatbots assuming control?

    In today’s world, technology advances and business are an inseparable unit. In past few years, there have been a great amount of technology advancements that are empowering almost every industry. With greater level of technology adoption by most businesses, overlooking to incorporate innovation in your business may cause you to fall behind. Acquiring new trends is very important as it may help you to be positioned out from your competitors. One such development that is causing a major rising these days are the chatbots. Bots are overcoming relatively every region in business conveying a ton of advantages.


    Chatbots are computer programs that are programmed with artificial intelligence. These programs are usually made to simulate how a person would behave to one another. These machines are basically used in dialog systems for purposes including client service or knowledge acquisition. Chatbots can be used for multiple purposes, from day to day tasks to business affairs. They inhabit messengers and social networks. Utilising them is valuable for clients as they can acquire the data they need or make some move in a much streamlined and convenient way.

    Types of Chatbots

    In terms of their performance, Chatbots are of two types. Ones that functions based on a set of rules and ones that functions using Artificial Intelligence.

    Chatbots which functions based on a set of rules are specific to commands. This means they are limitated to function only to the commands they have given. On the off chance that a customer asks a query that your bot wasn’t taught, it would not comprehend the question. Such Chatbots are as efficient as the way they are programmed.

    On the other hand, Chatbots which functions using Artificial Intelligence are way more efficient and advanced. These bots are programmed for “pseudo consciousness”. They are capable of understanding dialects rather than specific commands. What makes them even better is they can constantly learn things and get updated by themselves. These bots get smarter by identifying trends in responses from customers, and promoting preferred products and solutions over the ones that seem less popular, thereby increasing your chance at making a sale. In effect the bot here behaves as a veteran sales person would do, by being able to know the pulse of its audience. The outcome of this is quick witted bots that stay contextually in conversation with your customer building greater brand value, and increasing revenues.


    Why your business needs a chatbot

    In this competitive age of business, technologies assumes the most critical part in relatively every aspect of business. To survive and stay ahead of your competitors, you need to stay aware of the new trends and adapt to it.

    1. Gaining popularity of messengers

    The developing fame of chatbots is difficult to deny. According to the GlobalWebIndex statistics 75% of internet consumers are adopters of one or more messengers. They are used for communication, to interface with various brands or to search for content. Studies shows that messenger are more well known than other applications. Most importantly, the majority of the messenger users are Millenials who are the exceedingly targetted demographic for advertisers, publishers, and brands.

    2. Danger of falling behind

    Surviving in a place where everyone provide services or products similar to of yours is challenging. You’ll always need to be one step ahead to be positioned for growth. The developing ubiquity of chatbots has impacted consumers, enabling them to encounter businesses in an absolutely new manner through AI-driven conversational robots. Being an early adopter of new innovative technologies, provides you the distinct advantage of being an industry leader in customer support or brand promotion.

    Undoubtedly, Chatbots has a tremendous potential in all industries. The developing ubiquity of chatbots has impacted consumers, enabling them to encounter businesses in an absolutely new manner through AI-driven conversational robots.

    3. Obsolete client support

    In the past year it was all about making things much faster and easier. Most of the client support are absolutely obsolete. Customers are far well aware that it would be time consuming if they found the type of vendor which requires spending less time effort to get in touch with him and to get support. The business sets up something similar to a call centre where individuals had to chat online all day long. This isn’t savvy, and 99% of organizations can never do this. In addition, a large portion of the general population don’t care to invest energy looking out for their telephone to talk to support persons.

    4. Wasteful utilization of a work-force

    The present chatbots are capable individual aides. They can call a taxi, influence a request for a lunch, to influence a lodging reservation, to reorder office supplies and even deal with your logbook. In addition, chatbots can assume control over the exhausting work so you can center around what’s most imperative for your business.

    In the past year, huge brands and even private ventures are executing chatbots in their work to improve their working tasks. You think about a chatbot as your trusted and dependable representative. Continuously on time, dependably there to help, constantly precise; it’s working while your human representatives are sleeping or otherwise occupied. Once set, a chatbot will play out the tasks it has been tasked to do, without falling flat, 24×7.

    5. Overlooking new open doors for advertising

    In-chatbot advertising is as yet another area that offers extraordinary opportunities for various business enterprises. Advertising centered chatbots are an incredible route for entrepreneurs to grow their limited time endeavors. They can send news about specials or coupons to keep their business best of brain through direct messaging.


    A chatbot is a capable instrument that can not only improve your customer support mechanisms, but also promote your product and services in ways like never before. Talk to us to find out how a chatbot can be enabled for your business.